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Apartment Cleaning

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Ensuring that your apartment stay tidy and disinfected can take a lot of time and effort, if you're using an amateur approach. Pro home cleaners have an understanding, through experience, of solutions to different severity of stains with as little effort as possible. They work to conserve time and clean effectively by operating with high-grade equipment. If you're looking to enjoy the numerous benefits of a clean and organized apartment in a short time without having to stress yourself, then you can consult with a professional cleaning service. For years now, Meticulous Maids has been the leading apartment sanitation company in the Shreveport-Bossier City metropolitan area. We are a company of experts who use only proven techniques in keeping our customers' living areas clean and disinfected.

Benefits of a clean apartment

A dirty house with dust-covered surfaces is a breeding ground for germs, which can cause various illnesses. It's perhaps never more important than now to stay healthy and safe from viruses. Regular effective cleaning of your living space will limit your exposure to viruses. It also rids your home of settled dust and mildew that can damage the various surfaces in your home and incur the cost of repairs. Furthermore, you can't ignore the mental benefits of residing in a frequently tidy and organization environment.

Why Hire Pros

To keep your apartment clean regularly require a lot of time and attention, which you may not have in abundance if you work a 9-5. The same could be right for you if you're raising kids and pursuing your career. To add the stress of getting appropriate cleaning equipment and materials for the various surfaces in your home, is not a healthy option, especially when there are affordable alternatives. Cleaning experts use proven methods to get the job done expertly and on time too.

Why Us

If you require an apartment sanitation company, then you've come to the right spot. We at Meticulous Maids offer a wide range of service packages that handle most people's primary cleaning needs. We have a crew of professionals who use the best chemicals, tools, and materials to ensure that all the surfaces in your home are spotless. Our methods are proven to preserve the quality of your home accessories and keep every surface disinfected. Whether you're looking for a one-time or contract-type apartment cleaning, we've got you!


Feel free to give us a call today and consult with one of our customer care service representatives. Whatever your budget size, we have a package that meets it. Our team of experts is guaranteed to give you excellent service as we never compromise on quality. You'll find that our prices are relatively low for the quality of service for the service that we at Meticulous Maids offer our clients. It's this combo of low prices and superior quality that other cleaning companies here in Shreveport, LA, try and fail to emulate. There can only one of us.

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