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Home Disinfection

cleaning and wiping the bathroom

In this period, home disinfection has probably never been more crucial to carry out regularly. In order to keep your home from germs that can cause a wide range of diseases, it’s vital to decontaminate all the exposed surfaces in your home. Several chemicals and products are used for disinfecting different surfaces, and they usually require a level of expertise to use effectively. While it’s possible to purify your home yourself, it’s best to leave the job to experts who are experienced at using appropriate techniques and tools. Meticulous Maids is a reputable sanitation and disinfection company with a crew of professionals that carry out thorough disinfection.

How to properly disinfect your home

The first thing you’ll have to note is that disinfection and cleaning mean different things. While cleaning entails removing debris, dirt and contaminants from surfaces, disinfection involves killing disease-causing micro-organisms that can be anywhere in your home. As expected, disinfection takes a more thorough approach and should be done even more regularly. Although you may not be able to disinfect all the surfaces in your home every day carefully, it’s advised to use mild disinfectants to wipe frequently touched surfaces in your house. This can include areas like doorknobs, dining and kitchen tables, and furniture in the living room. It’s highly recommended that you generally clean before thoroughly disinfecting your home.

Why Call Professionals

Although you can decontaminate your home by yourself, it’s recommended to hire a professional service to handle that need effectively. Pros are skilled at impressively applying selected chemicals and products that are best suited for each of the various types of surfaces in your home. This is necessary to preserve the quality of these surfaces. In addition, hiring a sanitation and disinfection service will help you save money otherwise spent buying chemicals -most likely in excess- and worrying about storage space.

Why Call Us

We at Meticulous Maids have excellence as our watchword, and that mentality guides us through every service that we render to our customers. This is why you can be sure that your home will be germ-free if you hire us to disinfect it for you. Our company’s unique expertise in cleaning and decontaminating home is unmatched in Shreveport-Bossier City metropolitan. We use only high-grade tools that we use for our jobs. We offer one-time and contract type packages to suit a broad spectrum of cleaning needs and budgets.

Low prices

What’s even better is our unique balance of excellence and affordability in our home disinfection. We offer the best quality of sanitation service locally, and at a good bargain. It’s our unrelenting dedication to optimal customer service that separates us from alternative service providers. We guarantee high-quality service to all our customers regardless of whether you’re hiring us for one-time or regular home disinfection. Call us today, and one of our customer relations agents will attend to your needs adequately. You’ve been assured a spotless and germ-free home when you hire us for your service.

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