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Move In / Move Out Cleans

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It’s essential to clean your home when you move out or move in. This type of cleaning is usually thorough and can take forever to finish -if you’re doing it by yourself. You’re better off hiring a sanitation squad for that. Especially when you’re moving into a house where it’s almost certain that the person who lived there before would have left a lot of dirt and germs. The need for expert detailed cleaning and disinfection in the case of a move in/move out is not to be questioned. Besides, you’ll be incurring a huge cost by purchasing several cleaning equipment and material when you can leave it to experts who know the most appropriate one for your surfaces.

How to clean up on the move in/ move out

The best time to carry out this type of cleaning is when your stuff has been moved in yet. That way, you won’t have to worry about moving chairs and tables to clean appropriately.You’ll have to pay attention to dust that would have accumulated on the ceiling and the features close to it. Cleaning is more effective when you have your tools standby instead of stressing to find them every time whenever you need them. As you clean from room to room, it’s advised that you carry out one task, say mopping, at a time for all of them before moving to the next one. This way, it doesn’t seem like an endless cycle of tasks for every room. It’s vital to disinfect every surface in the house, especially the bathrooms and kitchens, to get rid of germs that can cause illnesses.

Why hire us

We at Meticulous Maids can help you relieve you of the stress of cleaning as you move into your new apartment/office. Our team of expert cleaners are trained to respond in time to your cleaning needs with the best tools and materials. You can rest assured that you’ll get a spotless home when you hire us to clean your new/old house. We use only proven techniques to remove stains and disinfect surfaces and floors in your home. This is what helps us get the job done effectively and in time. If you’re moving in or out of a new apartment in the Shreveport-Bossier City metropolitan area, then you can trust us to handle your cleaning needs.

Our pricing

We offer our move-in/move out cleaning services at relatively low prices. Do not be mistaken. That does not implicate that our service is low-quality. Excellence is our company’s watchword, and we apply that approach to the full range of home cleaning services that we provide. We do not compromise the quality of our job in any situation at all. Today, you can call our phone lines and consult with one of our customer representatives on how we can be of service to you. We guarantee you that you’ll get only high-grade results by hiring us.

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