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Occasional Cleaning Service

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If you’re always out of town, you may want to assign a cleaning service to help maintain your home with occasional sanitation. It could also be that you require a thorough cleaning of your house or office. In both cases, a reliable cleaning company must perform a detailed cleaning of the living space. If you’re in Shreveport-Bossier city metropolitan area, you can hire Meticulous maids for your occasional cleaning needs.

How to carry out occasional cleaning

This type of cleaning is usually more thorough than regular cleaning and requires a complete clean of all the exposed items in the house. It’s often best to start from the kitchen and wipe the shelves, stovetops and countertops with all-purpose cleaners. The best solution for cleaning steel surfaces on appliances is with vinegar, and a moving your rag/mop downwards in an ‘S’ motion will ensure a much neater job on transparent surfaces. When it comes to dusting, you generally want to keep the house wholly cobweb-free and dust-free. To preserve the integrity of your furniture, we advised that you clean their surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth. Vacuuming is best done after dusting and sweeping for debris. You can also use a soft brush vacuum attachment to make the vents dust-free too. The washrooms don’t need so much scrubbing if you’re using high-grade products to wash and disinfect all the surfaces. You can use bleach to scrub the floors. However, ensure ventilation and adequate water supply when using bleach as it can act as an irritant.

Why Hire professionals

Occasional cleaning can take forever to complete and would usually require putting your home in disarray to achieve a detailed job. You can save yourself a great deal of stress by hiring a reputable sanitation company to handle it for you. Besides, infrequent cleaning requires a more considerable amount of products and chemicals to carry out effectively. By hiring a cleaning service company, you’ll be saving money and space otherwise used to store cleaning equipment and material.

Our Reliable Service

Meticulous Maids has been delivering excellent cleaning service locally for years now. We’ve improved our techniques over the years to achieve high-quality jobs in a short time. We have an in-house team of professionals who are dedicated to making our clients satisfied. They employ their expertise in handling the high-grade tools for cleaning all the surfaces in your home. To ensure that your home stays germ-free, we use select chemicals and products for appropriate areas of your for decontamination.

Affordable Prices

What makes our company stand out locally is how we combine our excellent cleaning service at affordable prices. Let there be no mistake. Our relatively low prices do not indicate inferior quality in any way. We are a company of passionate individuals who are dedicated to giving all our customers a spotless home. Give us a call if you require a reliable sanitation company for occasional cleaning of your living/working space. Our team is ready to attend to your needs.

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